Miller Edge™

The first and only cost-effective, portable, engineered anchorage solution designed to protect workers engaged in leading edge deck construction. The system reduces the need for a safety monitor or a temporary cable lifeline system on leading edge deck construction.


Multiple Use
The fall protection system can be used for concrete deck construction, bridge decks, window washing, vault entry, rescue situations.

Highly Functional
Freestanding, mobile overhead anchor point.

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  • Solid wheel casters
  • Two integral eye bolt attachment points accommodate self-retracting lifelines
  • Predetermined integral lifting points
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with protective enamel paint
  • Easy access handles on front and rear

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SKU Description
9081/ Standard Miller Edge with 7-1/2-ft. (2.3 m) anchorage height
9081/6.5FT Miller Edge with 6-1/2-ft. (2 m) anchorage height
9081/9.5FT Miller Edge with 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) anchorage height; includes 300-lb. (136 kg) additional required counterweight
9081/VBK-9.5 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) height conversion kit; includes 9081/VB-9.5 & 9081WT/300LB; converts a Standard Edge System (9081/) into a 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) high anchorage system
9081/VB-9.5 Vertical boom for 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) high Edge System; boom measures 108 in. (2.7 m)
9081/VB-6.5 Vertical boom for 6-1/2-ft. (2 m) high Edge System; boom measures 72 in. (1.8 m)
9081WT/300LB Set of 300-lb. (136 kg) counterweights required for 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) high Edge System
9081MRMB MightEvac Bracket for Edge System; holds 1 or 2 units (MightEvac units, brackets & pulleys sold separately)
9082/ Swivel Bracket (retrofit) for 20-ft. (6 m) & 30-ft. (9 m) MightyLite SRL units (optional)
9083/ Swivel Bracket (retrofit) for 50-ft. (15 m) & 65-ft. (20 m) MightyLite SRL units (optional)