Miller Xenon™ Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Kits

Xenon™ Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Kits provide automatic pass-through fall protection for multiple workers that increase worker mobility, safety and productivity. For use along crane rail runways, loading bays/docks, conveyors, rooftops, pipe racks, bridges and many other applications.


Easy To Install
Xenon™ kits provide do-it-yourself installation and feature patented stainless steel components that are easy-to-use and require minimal maintenance.

Better Systems by Design
In addition to meeting all applicable global standards for safety at height, all components of Xenon™ kits are designed for versatility, reliability and comfort.

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Xenon™ Shuttle

  • Adaptable design– For smooth pass-through of intermediate brackets
  • Double-locking mechanism– Ensures security, yet allows for easy, one-hand operation
  • Fixed pass-through parts – The shuttle is ideal for dusty, gritty or salty environments

4-in-1 Shock Absorber

  • Innovative 4-in-1 design– Serves as shock absorber, turnbuckle, tension indicator and fall indicator
  • Pop-out visual indicator – Alerts the user to any load impact on the system
  • Compact design – Allows for a shorter distance to the end brackets, providing greater safety for entry and exit of the system
  • Users can gauge and adjust tension easily

Universal Intermediate Brackets

  • Automatic pass-through design – Allows for smooth passage of the Xenon shuttle providing 100% connection to the system
  • Simple installation–Single-bolt design and easy-to-remove cable holder guide simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Flexibility – In the event of a load impact or fall, individual brackets can be replaced without disassembling or replacing the original wire rope
  • Maximum Versatility - Available in adjustable or fixed position styles

Durable design

  • Stainless steel 5/16-in. (8 mm) wire rope
  • Stainless steel, swageless fittings for quick, easy installation
  • Stainless steel D-bolt anchorage connectors rated to 10,000 lbs. (45kN)

Xenon Components

1005709 - Xenon Shuttle

  • Self-aligns for smooth automatic pass-through of intermediate brackets
  • Dual-locking mechanism for added safety

1010608 - Universal Intermediate Bracket (with hardware)

  • Automatic pass-through bracket allows easy passage of Xenon shuttle for 100% connection to the system
  • Can be configured as free floating or locked
  • Brackets can be attached to a fitted cable to allow for easy replacement
  • Can also be ordered without hardware using this model number: 1010609

1014934 - Xenon 4-in-1 Shock Absorber

  • Absorbs energy to reduce system forces
  • Includes a turnbuckle mechanism for easy tensioning
  • Features a tension indicator to show when properly tensioned
  • Incorporates a fall indicator to show someone has fallen into the system
  • Compact design allows for immediate connection for added worker safety

1013720 - Fast-Attach Fitting

  • Provides for easy installation of cable
  • Requires no specialty swaging tools

416SS/ - Stainless Steel D-bolt Anchorage Connector

  • Features 5/8-in. (15.9 mm) hole for hardware
  • Can be mounted on a vertical surface or overhead for added versatility
  • Includes 5/8-in. (15.9 mm) diameter x 5-in. (127 mm) long stainless steel bolt w/nut and washer

417SS/ - Stainless Steel D-bolt Anchorage Connector

  • Features 5/8-in. (15.9 mm) hole for hardware
  • Can be mounted on a vertical surface or overhead for added versatility

Literature and Documents

SKU System Length Number of Intermediate Bracket
X00030 30-ft. (9.1 m) 0
X00060 60-ft. (18.3 m) 1
X00090 90-ft. (27.4 m) 2
X00120 120-ft. (36.6 m) 3
X00150 150-ft. (45.7 m) 4
X00180 180-ft. (54.9 m) 5
X00210 210-ft. (64.0 m) 6
X00240 240-ft. (73.2 m) 7
X00270 270-ft. (87.3 m) 8
X00300 300-ft. (91.4 m) 9
X00330 330-ft. (100.6 m) 10
X00360 360-ft. (109.7 m) 11
X00390 390-ft. (118.9 m) 12
X00420 420-ft. (128.0 m) 13
X00450 450-ft. (137.2 m) 14
X00480 480-ft. (146.3 m) 15
X00510 510-ft. (155.4 m) 16
*Systems can accommodate up to four workers by adding a second Xenon Shock Absorber (SKU 1014934)