Miller Revolution Arc-Rated Harness

New Miller™ Arc-Rated Products were designed to protect workers from falls caused by electric arc-flash and arc-blast exposure when working at heights or in confined space applications near energized electrical sources.


Built with Kevlar®/Nomex® Miller DualTech™ Webbing, the design is patent-pending and was engineered with permanent fire retardant (FR) properties.

Increased Protection
The webbing assures arc protection and durability that eclipses any nylon webbing.

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Unique Features

  • The webbing offers the durability and FR properties of Kevlar® on the outer side, with softer FR Nomex® on the inside of the webbing for greater comfort
  • The Kevlar® web loop on the back pad allows for a “metal-less” connection when used with a Kevlar shock-absorbing lanyard with a choke-off loop
  • Leather insulators under all metal hardware offer additional protection for the worker
  • All Miller Revolution Arc-Rated Harnesses have bright red binding on every pad, making them easily identifiable as an arc-rated product

Standard Features

  • Web Finials - clip-on design safely organizes webbing after proper adjustment
  • PivotLink™ Connection - unique rotary design provides greater comfort in bending/mobility
  • ErgoArmor™ Back Shield - semi-flexible back shield minimizes impact from sharp/heavy snap hooks and self-retracting lifelines
  • Cam Buckle - easy, one-hand adjustment/release allows simultaneous adjustment of shoulder straps
  • Self-Contained Label Pack - integrated pack encapsulates labels minimizing damage and loss
  • Integrated Accessory System - modular attachment design provides connection points for belts/tools/accessories

Literature and Documents

SKU Leg Strap Buckles Rescue Loops Side D-Rings Pad & Removable Belt Weight
RKNAR-QC/UBK Quick-Connect No No No 7.87 lbs
RKNAR-TB/UBK Tongue No No No 7.77 lbs
RKNAR-QC-BDP/UBK Quick-Connect No Yes Yes 7.87 lbs
RKNAR-TB-BDP/UBK Tongue No Yes Yes 7.77 lbs
RKNARRL-QC/UBK Quick-Connect Yes No No 7.87 lbs
RKNARRL-TB/UBK Tongue Yes No No 7.77 lbs
RKNARRL-QC-BDP/UBK Quick-Connect Yes Yes Yes 7.87 lbs
RKNARRL-TB-BDP/UBK Tongue Yes Yes Yes 7.77 lbs