Miller Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harness

The Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harness features a special vinyl coating on the webbing to protect against a variety of liquids that could compromise overall performance.


Efficient Webbing
Vinyl-coated webbing prevents absorption of liquids and is easy to clean.

Wide Range of Applications
The Vinyl-Coated Harnesses are effective in a wide range of applications, including: food processing, petrochemical, water treatment, painting, billboards and general industry.

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  • The unique rotary PivotLink™ connection design that provides greater comfort in bending/mobility
  • Two pull-free lanyard rings
  • Clip-on design web finials organize webbing after proper adjustment
  • Integrated, self-contained label pack that safely encapsulates labels, minimizing damage and loss
  • User-rated to 400 lbs (181.4 kg)

Literature and Documents

SKU Side D-Rings Chest Strap Buckle Shoulder Strap Buckles Leg Strap Buckles Special Features Weight
RPC-TB/UGN No Mating Friction Tongue - 4.07 lbs
RPC-TB-BD/UGN Yes Mating Friction Tongue Removable belt with side D-rings 5.45 lbs