StopFall™ Fall Restraint Device

The Miller StopFall™ Fall Restraint Device is the only wood pole product of its type, being designed to easily and naturally climb [hitchhike] wood poles in a position that’s both comfortable and ergonomically accepted.


Automatic Spring loaded Cinching Feature Miller Exclusive
Keeps the unit in constant contact around the pole.

One Handed Adjustment
Makes worker training quick, easy and safe.

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  • Zippered Spring Cover - Allows for convenient 100% inspection and easy access to clean the spring components
  • Attached Gaff Pullers - Easy to grasp design, even when wearing heavy-duty lineman’s gloves
  • Compact, Heavy-Duty Strap – Keeps worker closer to pole to facilitate arm's length work
  • Accommodates wood poles ranging from 20-in. to 60-in. circumference
  • Unique gaffs provide excellent stopping power on dry, wet or icy poles

Additional Climbing Equipment

  • Adjustable Rope Lanyard - Miller Adjustable Rope Lanyard designed for work positioning while transitioning around obstacles.
  • Retractable Web Lanyard - Designed for limited-range applications, the Miller Retractable Web Lanyard is lightweight and dependable.
  • Adjustable Safety Straps - Miller brand safety straps are equipped with locking snap hooks and are constructed with a red inner core/wear indicator.
  • Linemen's Belts - Designed with four D-rings to facilitate the use of a Rope Lanyard, Safety Strap or Retractable Web Lanyard to transition around obstacles.

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Additional Climbing Accessories
SKU Description
ARL-100-Z7/8FT Adjustable Rope Lanyard
6NFLS/6FTYL Adjustable Safety Strap
6NFLS/6FTBR Adjustable Safety Strap
8327/10FTYL Retractable Web Lanyard
8449-1 Lineman's Belt
88N-1 Lineman's Belt