Miller ShockFusion™ Horizontal Lifeline Roof System and Kits

The Miller ShockFusion™ Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) System and Kits minimize deflection in the lifeline while effectively managing system forces to maintain a safe connection to a variety of roof structures. Its unique mounting system makes installation quick and easy, reducing labor costs.


Versatile Surface-Mounted System
The Miller ShockFusion™ adapts to most industrial and commercial roof designs including standing seam, membrane, metal sheathing, concrete and wood surfaces.

Durable Design
Corrosion-resistant components are made of stainless steel, the post and base are plated with zinc and coated with premium powder for extended service life.

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Miller ShockFusion™ Horizontal Lifeline Kits

  • Kit Selection Guide – Our online tool determines components required for your unique application and allows you to request a quote, review or download a summary of the kit
  • Go to the Kit Selection Guide to configure your ShockFusion Horizontal Lifeline Kit or contact Honeywell Technical Service at 800/873-5242 - Available to order through distribution
  • Consistent Design and Functionality – The same innovative energy-absorbing design as a custom ShockFusion System
  • Built for Safety – Designed to minimize deflection in the lifeline while ensuring a safe connection to a variety of roof structures

Miller ShockFusion™ Horizontal Lifeline Custom Engineered Systems

  • Minimizes Deflection - Many applications require less fall clearance since multiple roof elevations and other lower-level obstructions must be avoided
  • Greater Worker Safety - Minimizing lifeline deflection decreases the probability of a worker falling over an edge or creating a fall for others
  • Enables Easy Rescue - Should a fall occur, rescue is easier and quicker since the system minimizes the distance a worker falls
  • Reduces System Forces on the Roof - In the event of a fall, the energy-absorbing, load distribution design ensures a secure connection to the roof while protecting the underlying structure
  • Attaches to the surface of existing roof structures - Quick, easy installation reduces cost by requiring minimal labor and eliminating the need for structural roof penetration and repair
  • Protects multiple workers while providing maximum mobility - The continuous pass-through design provides safe access to all areas of a roof for up to six (6) workers per system

Adapts to a Variety of Roof Structures

Standing Seam Design

  • The aluminum clamping mechanism is designed to pre-install to the base plate and is self centering for easy installation
  • The clamping bolts are tightened from above the plate for easy fastening and inspection
  • Three models are available to accommodate standing seam spacing up to 24-in. (610 mm)

Metal Sheathing Design

  • Designed to attach to metal sheathing with a minimum 24 gauge (0.024-in. [.61 mm]) thickness
  • Hardware kit includes sealing materials to prevent water damage to roof

Membrane/Built-up Design

  • Easy-to-install toggle kit fastens through membrane, insulation and into metal sheathing, wood sheathing or concrete
  • Models available for built-up roof thicknesses accommodate up to 10.5-in. (267 mm)

Wood Design

  • Includes lag screw kit
  • Installs into plywood with minimum thickness of 5/8-in. (15.9 mm) CDX

Concrete Decking Design

  • Includes concrete expansion anchor kit
  • Installs into concrete decking with minimum thickness of 6.5-in. (165 mm) and minimum concrete compressive strength of 3000 PSI (20.7 MPa)


  • Roof inspection and maintenance
  • Air conditioning, ventilation fan and solar panel maintenance

Skylight cleaning

  • Debris removal from gutters
  • Installation and maintenance of satellite dishes and other communication systems

Literature and Documents

For pricing and availability, call Honeywell Customer Care 800-836-8006.

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