Fall Protection Considerations

The following factors are key considerations to provide maximum fall protection safety and to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Warnings – Always read all instructions and warnings contained on the product and packaging before using any fall protection equipment.

– All fall protection equipment must be inspected prior to each use.

Training – All workers should be trained by a Competent Person in the proper use of fall protection products.

– Understand all Federal, State, Local and Provincial regulations pertaining to fall protection before selecting and using the equipment.

Rescue Planning – Minimizing the time between a fall occurrence and medical attention of the worker is vitally important. A thorough rescue program should be established prior to using fall protection equipment.

Product/System Preferences – If there are any doubts about which fall protection products to use, contact your Miller Distributor or call Honeywell Technical Service at 800.873.5242.

System Components – Only components that are fully compatible with one another should be used. Fall arrest systems are designed and tested as complete systems and should be used in this way.

What to Do After a Fall
– After a fall occurs, all components of the fall arrest system should be removed from service.

Call for Information – If there are any questions or concerns about your fall protection program or system, contact the Honeywell Safety Institute at 855.565.6722.