Anchorage/Anchorage Connectors

Anchorage Connectors are designed as the intermediary for securing a connecting device to an anchorage. Careful consideration should be given to selecting a proper anchorage for ultimate safety. The anchorage should be easily accessible, located a safe distance above any lower obstacles and support 5,000 lbs. (22kN) per worker.

The Importance of Anchorages

Carefully planned and selected anchorages are crucial factors in worker protection and safety. Should a fall occur, the worker will be suspended from the selected anchorage, their life depending on its strength.

In addition to defining an anchorage, it is also important to make a distinction between the anchorage itself and an anchorage connector. An anchorage, for example, could be an I-beam, while a cross-arm strap, or choker, wrapped around this beam and permitting attachment is the anchorage connector.

Permanent Anchorage Connectors

Temporary Anchorage Connectors

Permanent Anchorage Connectors

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Leading Edge Anchorage Connector

Beam Anchorages