Guide to Harness Features

Sliding Back D Ring

Sliding Back D-Ring

Sliding back D-ring with injection-molded, flexible Santoprene® D-ring pad.

Pull-Free Lanyard Rings

Allow user to attach lanyard when not in use. Minimizes hazards associated with the lanyard hanging freely.
Self contained label pack

Self-Contained Label Pack

Integrated pack encapsulates labels minimizing damage and loss.
Front D Ring

Front D-Ring

Used for a variety of climbing, confined space and rescue applications.
Side D Rings

Side D-Rings

Most commonly used for work positioning.
Shoulder D rings

Shoulder D-Rings

Primarily used for lifting and lowering individuals, such as in confined space and rescue applications.

Friction Buckle

To adjust the friction buckle, simply pass the webbing over the knurled bar and back down between the knurled bar and frame. Pull web end to tighten.

Mating Buckle

To connect the mating buckle, push the center bar buckle completely through the square link and allow it to fall into place. Pull web end to tighten.

Tongue Buckle

The tongue buckle works similar to a belt buckle. Insert the loose strap of webbing through the tongue buckle placing the buckle tongue through the appropriate grommet hole. Push remaining webbing through the keeper.

Quick-Connect Buckle

Quick-Connect Buckles for chest and leg straps interlock similar to a seat belt for easy donning and feature a dual-tab release mechanism to prevent accidental opening.
Cam Buckle

Cam Buckle

The locking tabs of the cam buckle trap the webbing to prevent unintentional slippage. Lift the locking tab for easy, one-hand adjustment/release.