How to Put on a Harness

6 Easy Steps that Could Save Your Life

Step 1


Hold harness by back D-ring. Shake harness to allow all straps to fall in place.

Step 2


If chest, leg and/or waist straps are buckled, release straps and unbuckle at this time.

Step 3


Slip straps over shoulders so D-ring is located in middle of back between shoulder blades.

Step 4


Pull leg strap between legs and connect to opposite end. Repeat with second leg strap. If belted harness, connect waist strap after leg straps.

Step 5


Connect chest strap and position in midchest area. Tighten to keep shoulder straps taut.

Step 6


After all straps have been buckled, tighten all buckles so that harness fits snug but allows full range of movement. Pass excess strap through loop keepers.