Life Member with Miller

  • Worker escapes serious injury because they were using Miller brand Fall Protection equipment (exclusively and not in conjunction with other brands) in the proper manner at the time of the accident.
  • The employee’s supervisor or safety supervisor contacts a Miller Fall Protection representative or a Miller distributor for a “Life Member with Miller” application.
  • The completed application is returned to Honeywell.
  • A plaque honoring the worker and a plaque honoring the employer for properly utilizing fall protection equipment is produced.
  • A personalized harness with a special “Life Member” tag is produced. Note: this harness is the same harness the worker fell into – you cannot upgrade to a harness of choice.
  • The plaques and harness are sent to the Miller Fall Protection sales representative or the Miller distributor for an award presentation with the worker and employer.
  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the delivery of the “Life Member” award products.
  • Upon meeting the Life Member with Miller membership guidelines, this program is offered at no cost.
  • By submitting this application you are giving Honeywell permission to use your success story with Miller products in our publicity material. We may ask you to sign a photo release form.