Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Supplied Air Respiratory Series (SAR)

Panther/Sigma SCBA/SAR series training

Two-day course that includes troubleshooting and testing Panther/Cougar Series SCBA Initial Training and Panther/Cougar Series SCBA/SAR Rebuild, Troubleshooting, and PosiChek3 Testing.

Cost per participant: $350

SCBA Technician Recertification Course

One-day performance based class


  • ONLY currently certified Sperian/Survivair SCBA/SAR Technicians, recertifying on: SIGMA, or Panther SCBA/SAR systems may attend this course.
  • Persons attending this class MUST bring to class at least five (5) PosiChek3 test result sheets from SCBA/SAR systems that they have personally tested within the 90 days prior to the course date.
  • The PosiChek3 test result sheets must reflect the make/model/type SCBA/SAR systems upon which the technician is being recertified.
  • If you DO NOT/CANNOT meet these prerequisites then you must enroll into the appropriate 2-day training course.

Cost per participant: $195

Titan SCBA training

Two-day course that includes troubleshooting and testing Titan SCBA Initial Training, Titan SCBA Rebuild, Troubleshooting, and PosiChek3Testing

Cost per participant: $395

Class size is limited to 10 people for the initial class and 5 for the recertification classes.

Contact Information
  • Registration & Payment: 855-565-6722
  • Technical Service: 401-757-2631
  • Customer Care: 800-821-7236