Miller TranScendor Cable Climbing System

A permanently installed, flexible cable system, the Miller TranScendor is the ultimate in continuous fall protection for climbing fixed ladders.

  • Complete system package allows for quick, easy, do-it-yourself installation and inspection for lower cost of ownership
  • Unique lifeline tensioner prevents ladder rung deformation and indicates when the lifeline is properly adjusted
  • Quick-link design for trouble-free cable installation
  • Cable guides are fully convertible to accommodate low and high wind conditions increasing versatility
  • Provides fall protection for up to four workers simultaneously, increasing overall productivity
  • Durable cable sleeve locks instantly in the event of a fall and easily attaches to the cable

Complete Miller TranScendor System 

All TranScendor Systems include a top bracket assembly with shock absorber, a bottom bracket assembly with lifeline tensioner, 3/8-inch (9.5mm) galvanized steel cable wire rope lifeline, all necessary hardware, cable guides (when applicable) and instruction manual.

Miller TranScendor Cable Climbing System

FEATURES (click to enlarge)

High-quality urethane shock absorber and quick-link High-quality urethane shock absorber and quick-link Convertible polyurethane/galvanized steel cable guides Convertable polyurethane/galvanized steel cable guides
Cable Sleeve Cable Sleeve
Steel lifeline tensioner Steel lifeline tensioner

Model Description
TRS/30FT 30' (9m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/40FT 40' (12m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/50FT 50' (15m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/70FT 70' (21m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/100FT 100' (30.5m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/150FT 150' (46m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/200FT 200' (61m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/300FT 300' (91m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/400FT 400' (122m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRS/500FT 500' (152m) TranScendor vertical climbing system
TRIK TranScendor installation kit (specify TranScendor System length)
Note: A harness with a front D-ring is required for use with the TranScendor System.

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