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Full-Body Safety Harnesses

The full-body harness is an important component of personal fall arrest systems – keeping workers suspended upright in the event of a fall, and supporting them while they await rescue. In many cases, full-body harnesses can also be used in fall restraint systems which prevent workers from reaching points where falls can occur. Most regulations prohibit the use of body belts for fall protection due to the concentration of fall forces on the abdomen. In the event of a fall, full-body harnesses distribute fall forces throughout the body, substantially reducing chances of injury.

Honeywell Safety Products offers a wide variety of Miller harnesses to meet the needs of workers in different industries. All Miller harnesses for fall arrest or fall restraint systems are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities, and meet ANSI Z359 and ANSI A10.32 standards.

To learn more about the full-body harnesses for fall restraint and fall arrest offered by Miller, contact us at 1-800-873-3542.

New!Miller Revolution Harness

Miller AirCore Harnesses

Comfort in the Air
These lightweight full-body harnesses are designed with breathable, open-core padding technology that provides optimal air flow, while reducing heat and moisture entrapment, keeping a worker drier and cooler.

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Miller Revolution Harness

Miller Revolution Harnesses

The Turning Point in Harness Design!
With industry-specific applications in mind, Revolution fall protection harnesses combine practicality, safety and innovation. Each harness features the PivotLink Connection to help workers bending and mobility.

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Miller Revolution Construction Harness

Revolution Construction Harnesses

Construction sites are tough environments. That's why Revolution fall protection harnesses are designed to provide the longest service life possible, using heavy-duty webbing that’s almost twice as strong as OSHA standards require.

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Miller Revolution Arc-Rated Harness

Revolution Arc-Rated Harnesses

Maintenance and utility workers who might be exposed to arc-flash and arc-blast near electrical sources can benefit from the metal-free construction of the Revolution Arc-Rated fall protection harness, which meets ASTM F887-05 Arc-Flash standards.

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Miller Revolution Tower Climbing Harness

Revolution Tower Climbing Harnesses

For various tower-climbing applications, these safety harnesses feature harness loops that improve mobility and workers’ ability to position themselves for extended periods of work at heights.

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Miller Revolution Derrick/Oil Rig Harness

Revolution Derrick/Oil Rig Harnesses

These full body harnesses are designed to meet the specific safety needs of workers in the oil industry with special features like suspension loops that provide greater mobility when climbing, and a D-ring positioned on the back of the belt to allow workers to maintain positioning on the tube board.

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Miller Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harness

Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harnesses

This vinyl-coated harness is ideal for work in environments that involve liquids that can compromise worker safety. The vinyl-coating is suitable for work around petrochemicals, food processing, painting, water treatment and general industry.

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Miller Contractor Harness

Miller Contractor Harnesses

Built with the demands of construction sites in mind, these harnesses are lightweight without sacrificing safety and mobility. With a joint rear D-ring fastener and ergonomic shoulder pads, stress levels are minimal when attaching a tool belt. Each harness meets all applicable OSHA, CSA and ANSI standards while combining safety and comfort.

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Miller DuraFlex ULTRA Harness

DuraFlex ULTRA Harnesses

This premier line of safety harnesses feature our patented DuraFlex stretchable webbing, as well as Quick-Connect buckles for chest and leg straps, and a comfort-touch back D-ring pad.

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Miller DuraFlex Python ULTRA Harness

Miller DuraFlex Python ULTRA Harnesses

Optimized for rugged tasks, the DuraFlex Python Ultra harness features strong, abrasion-resistant webbing materials and water-repellent foam.

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Miller DuraFlex Harness

DuraFlex Stretchable Harnesses

Patented DuraFlex safety harnesses use advanced webbing materials to offer extreme comfort without sacrificing safety. These harnesses allow for less stress on the worker and are designed to flex for increased worker mobility. 

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Miller DuraFlex Python Harness

DuraFlex Python Harnesses

This full-body fall protection harness with tubular webbing shoulder straps, torso straps and non-stretch webbing leg straps.

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Miller HP (High Performance) Harness

Miller HP (High Performance) Harnesses

This full-body harness offers added versatility. Available with a front D-ring, pull-down adjustment or pull-up adjustment this harness is ready for use in a variety of work environments.

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Miller Non-Stretch Harness

Miller Standard Non-Stretch Harnesses

Miller manufactures traditional non-stretch webbing harnesses in lightweight, durable nylon and polyester for greater chemical resistance.

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Miller Specialty Harness

Miller Specialty Harnesses

Understanding the differing needs of various industries, Miller offers OSHA-approved safety harnesses specially designed to work in different fields. Each features comfortable mobility, strict attention to safety needs and innovation.

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Titan T-Flex Stretchable Harnesses

Titan T-Flex Stretchable Full-Body Harnesses

Titan fall protection harnesses offer functionality and safety at a competitive price. Designed with stretchable webbing to promote comfort and security, Titan harnesses improve workplace operations by allowing workers more mobility without compromise.

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Titan Non-Stretch Harnesses

Titan Non-Stretch Full-Body Harnesses

With a 400-pound (181.4 kilogram) capacity, the Titan Non-Stretch Full-Body Harness is lightweight with durable webbing for all day comfort and dependability.

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Miller High-Visibility Vests

Miller High-Visibility Vests

Designed for use with, or without, a Miller full-body harness.

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Miller Relief Step Safety Device

Relief Step Safety Device

Compatible with all full-body harnesses, the Relief Step device from Miller works to combat “suspension trauma,” allowing a suspended worker the ability to stand. This keeps blood circulation moving and can reduce pain and chances of injury while waiting for rescue.

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