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Climbing & Fall Protection Systems

Miller StopFall System

StopFall Fall Restraint Device

Designed to easily and naturally climb [hitchhike] wood poles in a position that's both comfortable and ergonomically accepted.

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Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety System

Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety Systems (Cable)

Permanently installed, flexible cable system for climbing fixed ladders.

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Soll GlideLoc Height Access and Safe Climbing Ladder System

GlideLoc Safe Climbing Ladder System (Rail)

Engineered as an integral component of a new fixed ladder system, or retrofit to an existing fixed ladder.

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Soll PivotLoc Foldable Ladder System

PivotLoc Foldable Ladder System

Foldable ladder system that incorporates the GlideLoc fixed rail ladder climbing technology.

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Miller Saf-T-Climb Ladder System

Saf-T-Climb Ladder System

Provides total ladder climbing safety for workers on any site-above or below ground; straight or curved.

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