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Guide to Fall Protection & Inspection

Use the Smart Solutions area of this site for information to assist in the development of an effective Fall Protection Program. In addition, many articles address important considerations for maintaining a safe environment for those working at heights, including:

  • Inspection and maintenance procedures
  • Importance of proper product selection
  • Calculating fall clearance
  • Donning a harness properly

Offering a comprehensive line of Miller® brand fall protection products, professional safety training and engineered fall arrest systems, the leading global manufacturer of personal safety equipment, Honeywell Safety Products, provides the total solution in fall protection.

For over 60 years Miller products have protected those working at heights in a wide range of industries including, construction, transportation, mining, general industry, utilities and more. Ask the experts, ask Miller.

If you do not find the solutions you are looking for, please don't hesitate to Ask the experts, ask Miller. 

Ask the Expert...Ask Miller.
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CSA Z259.12-11 Fall Protection Standard
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